Invoicee Beta Is Live!

Today the beta version of the app I started developing in December has gone live and I am very excited.

What is the app?

For a while, I wanted to create something to make my life easier and do less admin when it comes to creating and sending monthly invoices.

When doing my invoices, I need to convert one currency to another using the current exchange rate, something I wanted to automate.

That is when I started thinking about creating something that could automate the process and so Invoicee was born.

The current features of Invoicee are:

  • Invoice Template (with date and time for sending)
  • Support for two currencies with real-time conversion when being sent
  • Downloadable PDF invoice
  • Emailing of PDF invoice to customer and user
  • History of all sent invoices with the exchange rate at the time of sending

I am planning to add more features, at the moment they are:

  • Invoice history search
  • Once-off invoices
  • Dashboard analytics of sent invoices
  • Upload PDF invoice to storage at the time of sending
  • Invoice branding
  • Weekly scheduling option

What technologies were used to create Invoicee?

  • Next.js
  • Next UI
  • Next Auth
  • Playwright
  • MongoDB
  • Node.js

Please give it a try and let me know what you think.

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